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Glow™ Cosmetics Refrigerator with Mirror and LED Light

Glow™ Cosmetics Refrigerator with Mirror and LED Light

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1. The power must be unplugged before cleaning.

2. Do not put the heating and cooling box or the power cord in liquid. Wipe with neutral soap and damp cloth;

3. Do not use it to make ice;

4. Don't block the vent, otherwise the refrigerator will heat up and cause a fire;

5. When the engine is turned off, do not work it for a long time, it will drain the car battery

Product information:

Type: Semiconductor car refrigerator
Applicable models: GM
Material: ABS
Power supply voltage: 12/240 (V)
Power: 50 (W)
The lowest cooling temperature: lower than the environment about 28 ℃ (℃)
Maximum heating temperature: 65 (℃)
Color: 6L small refrigerator [mirror + lamp], 8L small refrigerator [mirror + lamp], pink 8L small refrigerator [mirror + lamp]

Packing list:

1 x Car refrigerator